• Installation of On-shore Wind Turbine

    We provide a full range of services, from transport planning for wind power generation facilities to construction work and after-sales services such as post-construction repair and inspection.We provide services not only throughout Japan, but also in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Installation of Off-shore Wind Turbine

    We are the 1st Japanese company working on an off-shore wind turbine construction project in Taiwan. Also, we joined several domestic projects of off-shore wind turbine with planning and construction.

  • Wind Power Operation and Maintenance Services

    We provide efficient services for offshore and onshore wind power using CMS and monitoring systems. Our technicians having lots of experiences are ready to support.

  • 24-hour wind monitoring service

    We are developing a 24-hour monitoring service for the operational status of our customers' wind power generation facilities around the world.

  • Crane Heavy Lifting Business

    With the full lineup of machinery including the Japan's biggest crawler crane and the world's biggest all terrain crane, we offer the best plan of crane installation with safe and secure works.

  • Heavy Goods Transportation Business

    We own a large number of special module trailers manufactured by Gold Hoffer in Germany, and provide transportation work for ultra-heavy items and ultra-long items such as large precision machines and wind power generation facilities with transportation plans based on our vast experience.

  • Bridge Construction and Removal

    In order to shorten the construction period, reduce construction costs, and contribute to the safety of construction, we are making technical proposals to use state-of-the-art heavy equipment and vehicles more effectively, and are undertaking bridge removal and construction.

  • Plant Engineering Business

    With vast of experiences, we offer a wide range of services from repair work for petrochemical plants and steelworks to construction work for biomass power plants (EPC services).

  • Global Project Business

    We participate in overseas large-scale projects from the planning stage and offer the high quality of Denzai Group. The business area of the Denzai Group is expanding from Asia to the world.

  • Worldwide Land and Sea Transport

    We provide total support from marine transportation of heavy goods and plant equipment to import / export related business. Leveraging DENZAI's network in Asia, we continue to propose the best integrated sea and land transport service for our customers.

  • Concrete Pumps Leasing with Operation

    DENZAI Hua Resources Pte. Ltd, a group company, provides high-quality concrete pump leasing with operation in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries.

  • Technical Planning and Consulting

    We provide planning and consulting for domestic and overseas construction projects in the safest, most reliable and effective ways.

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