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Since our founding, the DENZAI Group has actively introduced large cranes and special heavy material transport vehicles to meet the needs of society and our customers. With this equipment, we have experience in large-scale renovation work of Petrochemical plants and Ironworks all over Japan. Moreover, we have focused on Social Infrastructure Construction Projects such as Dam Construction work, Bridge Construction work and Wind Farm Construction work and we have accumulated results not only in Japan but also overseas.

Currently, in addition to establishing bases throughout Japan, in the Asia-Pacific region, we have established local subsidiaries in Taiwan, where the introduction of offshore wind power generation is quickly introduced. And Vietnam, India and Bangladesh, where economic growth is rapid, to meet the needs of customers around the world. In addition, Singapore's leading Huationg Holdings was added to the group in 2020. Furthermore, we have established R&D development centers in Denmark and South Korea to develop state-of-the-art wind power monitoring systems.We are ready to respond.

The DENZAI Group will continue to face the ever-evolving needs of our customers with sincerity, pursue new solutions that are safer, faster, and more economical [DENZAI SOLUTIONS] and further improve our customers. We want to help you succeed.

  • Chairman of the Board and CEO
    Yukihiro Uemura

Denzai Group Mission StatementDenzai Group Mission Statement

With positive and active management strategies and the contribution of us all, we are seeking business prosperity and happiness of all our staff members both physically and spiritually, by implementing our services and solutions to society and our customers’ requests in a speedy and accurate manner.



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