CSR activities of the DENZAI Group

Support program for Ukraine(DENZAI Holdings Inc.)

DENZAI is concerned about the safety of the people of Ukraine and is deeply saddened by the difficult situation many of them are facing.We are starting a support program for Ukraine in the hope that a peaceful and safe world will return to Ukraine as soon as possible.
1. We will donate 1 million yen to Japan Association for the World Food Programme (Approved Specified Non-profit Corporation).
2. We will actively and preferentially employ people forced to leave their homes due to the war in Ukraine (up to 30 people who have been permitted to work) at DENZAI Group's domestic and overseas bases.

DNEZAI Environmental Science Museum

We have acquired naming rights to an environmental science museum with a planetarium in Muroran City (nicknamed "Emiran") as the DENZAI Environmental Science Museum.

In September 2023, at the "Muroran Culture Night" held at Emiran, we held an event where visitors could experience riding on the crane of DENZAI Juki Corporation, and many children and their parents enjoyed the experience on that day.

The website of DENZAI Environmental Science Museum

Lecture at Muroran Institute of Technology

On 8 June 2023, during a lecture on 'Hokkaido Industry Theory', MOPA was given the opportunity to introduce its activities: Kohki Uemura, President and CEO of DENZAI K.K., gave a lecture on 'Why Muroran needs offshore wind power' as MOPA President, and Masahiro Yoshida, DENZAI K.K. Director COO, gave a lecture on 'Overview and Potential of Offshore Wind Power' as Group Leader of the MOPA Research and Study Group. Approximately 120 students attended the lecture. We would like to thank Muroran Institute of Technology for the opportunity and the students who attended the lecture.

English conversation classes

DENZAI Corporation has a multinational workforce. Since 2019, employees from English-speaking countries have been regularly visiting children care home every two to three months to offer free English conversation classes. The company continues its activities in the hope that the children will become interested in learning English and overseas cultures.

Contribution to the Soma Nomaoi

Soma Nomaoi has been specified as Japanese intangible cultural heritage by the national government of Japan since 1978. DENZAI Group‘s Kashima Crane Co. has participated in Soma Nomaoi for many years, and in June 2023, DENZAI K.K. and Kashima Crane Co. jointly donated the Kitago Honjin camp curtain to the Soma Nomaoi Executive Committee to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the Soma clan‘s arrival to the area. The DENZAI Group will continue to contribute to Soma Nomaoi in the future.

Seminar at Muroran Shimizugaoka High School

DENZAI K.K. President and CEO Kohki Uemura gave a lecture at Muroran Shimizugaoka High School on June 14, 2022 as Director Chairman of the Muroran Offshore Wind Industry Promotion Association (MOPA).This was the first time for MOPA to give a lecture to students.
The lecture was to all 450 students and teachers at Muroran Shimizugaoka High School about the potential of offshore wind power generation in Muroran and other topics.

Community cleanup activities

As part of our CSR activities, Denzai Corporation has been cleaning up the local area. This time, a large-scale cleanup was carried out on May 14, 2021 at Denshin Beach in Muroran, where marine debris had washed ashore, by about 15 employees of Denzai Corporation, using a 100-ton crane, hydraulic excavators and bulldozers.
Driftwood and other marine debris that had drifted onto the beach were pulled up to higher ground and removed using heavy machinery and cranes.
On the day of the cleanup, Uemura, the founder and president of the company, also used a bulldozer.

Implementation of corporate version of hometown tax payment

In 2023, DENZAI Group made a corporate version of hometown tax payment to Muroran City, where DENZAI was founded, and to Minamisoma City, where KASHIMA Crane Corp. was founded.

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